November 10, 2023

Open Letter to the TSC #2 – Apr 2018

Some of the headline elements within it include:

Call for Chairman and CEO of RBS – Sir Howard Davies and Mr Ross McEwan to be fired for lying to Parliament and disbarred for life from Financial Services.

Call for CEO and Ex-Chairman of The FCA – Andrew Bailey and John Griffith-Jones to be fired for material deception between Summary & full S166 report lying to Parliament

Treasury Select Committee Chair Nicky Morgan – Threatens to drop entire RBS – GRG Enquiry in attempt to silence Campaigners – mark Bannister & Neil Mitchell over calls for RBS bosses sacking!

Prime Minister given evidence file of systematic criminal cover up by Lloyds Bank Board and does nothing in alleged clear attempt to Cover the matter up and bury it.

Chancellor of the Exchequer accused of misleading Parliament in respect of RBS value and potential ability to sell the bank. When the liabilities are correctly applied to the Balamce Sheet the Bank is insolvent…. Government knows this.

Government complicit in cover up of RBS defrauding tens of thousand of customers for an average of £5m each and in so doing has made the British taxpayer joint and severally liable to claims of more than £120 bln + (the size of the NHS annual budget )

S166 Promontory Report into RBS – GRG “nobbled” intentionally by The FCA and RBS in a joint enterprise of deception to deny the truth and scale & extent of abuse of customers. Head of Royal Statistical Panel indicates that study was not good enough to meet academic standards, indicating that concerns are genuine; The sampling method of analysis seems to have been rigged from the start by FCA and RBS to facilitate cover up.

FINALLY: Genuinely we are not sure which is more endemically corrupt RBS or the FCA – seems certain to be both GUILTY by acting in concert.

CLICK HERE – Open letter to TSC – 06-Apr-18