June 30, 2024


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JVP opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression.  JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians; a just solution for Palestinian refugees based on principles established in international law; an end to violence against civilians; and peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East.



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About Front Line

Front Line is the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders.

Front Line was founded in Dublin in 2001 with the specific aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk, people who work, non-violently, for any or all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Front Line aims to address the protection needs identified by defenders themselves.

Front Line seeks to provide rapid and practical support to at-risk human rights defenders, including through:

  • international advocacy on behalf of human rights defenders at immediate risk;
  • grants to pay for the practical security needs of human rights defenders;
  • training and resource materials on security and protection, including digital security;
  • rest and respite, including the Front Line Fellowship;
  • opportunities for networking and exchange between human rights defenders, including at the biennial Dublin Platform;
  • the annual Front Line Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk;
  • an emergency 24 hour phone line for human rights defenders operating in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian

In emergency situations Front Line can facilitate temporary relocation of human rights defenders.

Front Line promotes strengthened international and regional measures to protect human rights defenders including through support for the work of the UN Special Representative on Human Rights Defenders. Front Line seeks to promote respect for the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.

Front Line has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Front Line has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Front Line received the 2007 King Baudouin International Prize for Development

Front Line Defenders