November 10, 2023

Unanswered questions about the 1970 Arms Crisis

March 28, 2012 eblaney

Sir, – Dessie O’Malley’s letter (March 26th), connecting Neil T Blaney to “ethnic bigotry” is another disgusting display of Mr O’Malley’s self-righteous and delusional portrayal of the Arms Crisis, of which Mr O’Malley had a hand to play in its outcome. There are a lot of questions that we would like Mr O’Malley to answer, with regard to his actions in this whole murky saga. [Read More]

Community, who needs it ?

July 10, 2007 eblaney

People IMHO do not see that the quality of their life would be improved immeasurably if they considered that interdependency is a natural human condition and it is what got us collectively to where we [Read More]