November 10, 2023

Open Letter to the TSC #4 28th-May-2018

Dear Prime Minister & Chancellor,

As the leading Businessman, Litigant & Campaigner since 2010 against RBS GRG economic destruction committed against Businesses across UK; I commend you to read the attached letter already sent to the Chair & members of the Treasury Select Committee copied to the FCA CEO and the Governor of the Bank of England.

  • Pages 1- 20 constitute Submission 4 – detailing how the FCA sabotaged the S166 Promontory Report into RBS – GRG.
  • Pages 21- 82 contain Points of Emphasis raised in 3 prior submissions of 30th March 2018, 6th April 2018 & 8th May 2018.

Furthermore I notified the RBS Chairman, CEO and the entire Board of RBS at the AGM on 30th May 2018 that I also now know the sheer extent of the scale, operations and the hitherto undisclosed financial exposure of RBS GRG from deploying the GRG UK model in watching, targeting, controlling, asset stripping, cash grabbing from overseas businesses with job losses & economic destruction evident in foreign jurisdictions.

Thereby RBS have undeclared, non-provisioned, unqualified ( but certainly in the £ $ € tens of Billions) liabilities arising from GRG misconduct in both UK and now many overseas jurisdictions.

EU & individual State level Criminal, Civil & Regulatory actions are being prepared for in 3 more countries as I write.

It is therefore incredible that HM Treasury have pressed ahead today without any explanation; (some 10 months earlier than the Chancellor planned in his announcement in the November 2017 Budget) rather than in March 2019, at a substantial loss to the British Taxpayer.

We may well find that this is share sale is based on information provided by RBS through UKGI into the stockmarket that is a fraudulent misrepresentation of RBS’s true financial indeed solvency position.

I urge you once more to authorise a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY into RBS management & misconduct, past & present.

I and others will continue to fight for Justice & Compensation for the victims of what Clive Lewis, Shadow Treasury Minister correctly described as the “Largest Theft, Anywhere, Ever” – by a British state majority owned bank no less.

I continue to act in the National & Public Interest.

I am available to meet with both Prime Minister & Chancellor prior to the launch of the forthcoming legal & regulatory actions.

In the meantime Mark Bannister and myself are ready to appear before the Treasury Select Committee to give Oral Evidence when called upon without further delay.


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