July 21, 2024

Incremental Income Tax Rates ?

February 25, 2009 eblaney

The principle of a citizens financial contribution to the State in the form of income tax  has since Roman times, been correlated to some degree with the persons ability to pay. Since the introduction of [Read More]

Community, who needs it ?

July 10, 2007 eblaney

People IMHO do not see that the quality of their life would be improved immeasurably if they considered that interdependency is a natural human condition and it is what got us collectively to where we [Read More]

My Newstalk 106 Interview

July 24, 2006 eblaney

This interview by Ger Gilroy of Newstalk 106 was ostensibly about Niall Blaney TD joining Fianna Fail but contains some detailed observation of the lack of strategic vision which was obvious to all who were [Read More]

Purpose of Government ?

April 28, 2006 eblaney

It occurs to me that the sole focus of democratic Governments is to avoid being seen to be wrong. They seem incapable of ever admiting to being wrong. Is this some fear going back a [Read More]

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